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Despotify - the open source Spotify client can only be utilized with "Premium" Spotify accountsSource codeThe latest version of the source code can be checked out from our Subversion repository  $ svn checkout despotifyDirectoriesThe checked out source code contains a number of directories  java/ This is where one of the available Java implementations go  src/  This is where the C based client, library and Python bindings go  web/  This is where the source code for our web site goes ( instructions for the simple client and library

You'll need a few libraries to be able to build despotify.If you're running Debian/Ubuntu they can be installed with the following commands 

# aptitude install libssl-dev zlib1g-dev libvorbis-dev libtool 

# aptitude install libpulse-dev - For pulseaudio backend  

# aptitude install libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0 libgstreamer0.10-dev 

- For GStreamer backend  

# aptitude install libao-dev - For libao backendIf you encounter any problems, ask a friend or ask in the channel#despotify on EFNet (example EFNet servers:,

1. Goto the directory src/ - where the despotify library and client is located   

$ cd src

2. Optionial (..because just running make will do this for you otherwise)

2.1 Copy to       

$ cp

2.2 Make local adjustments such as specifying additional path for where        the compiler's linker should look for libraries (modify LDFLAGS)       or install to a different prefix (i.e. /usr/local instead of /usr)            

$ nano

3. Run make   $ make

4. Install   $ sudo make install

5. You'll now have a client called 'despotify-simple' and a gateway called 'gateway'   installed under ${INSTALL_PREFIX}/bin (usually this will be /usr/bin)Also checkout Felix Bruns' Java implementation of a Spotify compatible library and GUI client Nevyn's Spotify compatible client for the iPhone/iPod platform Home of Spotify Final notesThis project is neither endorsed by nor associated with Spotify